About us

Swords Logistics is a complete logistics service provider, in all branches of transport and logistics. In the past 15 years, we have developed to the wishes and needs of customers to be able to offer the most complete logistics services possible. With a team of more than 50 motivated employees, we are available every day.

We have a wide and flexible fleet of more than 100 vehicles, ranging from trucks, box trucks, cars and vans. We are a fast growing, flexible, young and dynamic company. Our drivers are largely equipped with ADR and have experience all over Europe. We deliver from full trailer loads to small shipments. We have several years of experience in delivering various valuable loads such as electronics & medicines in the form of documents and packages with the necessary care and punctuality.


”Transport beyond your expectations!”

We want to provide our clients with high-quality, extremely reliable and highly innovative services. This is carried out on a large scale through close cooperation with our clients.


Swords Logistics wants to develop into a leading logistics service provider that exceeds the expectations of its customers in quality, innovation and reliability. We strive for a healthy company by developing sustainable, optimal and inventive logistics services in the long term.


Strategy: ”Swords Logistics strives to be a healthy company and securing the viability of the company. This can be achieved through reciprocity and a long-term relationship with its employees and customers. Achieving the strategy requires a culture of discipline and unity.”